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This Holy site is, Of the devotees, For the devotees and hosted By the devotees, to establish the peace and harmony in our universe. This is a nonprofit organization, trying to reach out for every common man, to impart the basic knowledge of  Holy Scriptures in simple words to demolish  the baseless barriers of misconceptions, erected by few self nominated religious leaders. In the shadow of mass ignorance and on the foundation of  racial and religious discriminations, these walls of hatred  are  rock study, but with your kind co-operation we can make it fall like a sand castle. We welcome all the visitors & researchers to explore this in-depth encyclopedia of vast religious information. See and believe an endless record of  philosophy in original hand written 24 Granths (Holy Scriptures) amounting more than 22,000 of A3 size pages, and do not forget to check the online evidence of vast photo gallery depicting His Divine Majesty offering discourses at the presidential office in Delhi and to various top most religious leaders during the All World Religious conference along with multitude of devotees and guests...coming soon Video-Audio coverage, of enormous  discourses delivered  around  the world, in His own voice. Please don't forget to sign the visitor's book, which will enable us to post you the upcoming events.

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you are welcome to read these terms set by the organization, as the basis on which you can visit and explore everything you find on it. If you visit our site, you are legally accepting our terms. In comparison to other sites, weíve tried  to  make our terms reasonably soft,  just  to keep up the sanctity of holiness and make it most useful  to our visitors  as possible as we can. They contain an important information  so please take a little time to read them through, it might be a turning point of your life. 

Eligibility: If you can think of  doing something nice  even  for yourself,  it is fine, you  are  eligible  to explore the site, but  we request you to read  through these lines to make full use of it. The Holy Granths and the material provided on this site such as Holy photos, written material  consisting of shabads(Holy Verses) is the property of  The Organization and / or  offered  by  revered devotees, is solely  for  the  sake of  prayers,  information, and  knowledge, but  downloading with  the  intension  to  Re-publishing,  Re-distribution,  Amendments,  or  to create  Propaganda  is  highly  offensive. Uploading  the  material to other sites without prior permission is highly irregular and infringement of law.                                                                                  

Downloading & Printing: There are no  restrictions if you wish to download the Holy Photos of His Holiness, The Harbhagat Dwar, or Shabad (Verses) to your desk top, but we request you to refrain from printing either of them, to avoid the printed matter loitering on the floor or dust bins by you & your kids. If at all done, then improperly printed  papers, soiled  or aged papers  should be burnt off  respectfully and  ashes should be  disposed of in the  clean running water or buried under the  plants in your home garden. 

Reproduction: Those who want to carry forward  this message of  peace & harmony by linking to our site or the organizations who are working for the  betterment of  innocent animals, mother nature (environments), and  Ahinsa (vegetarianism), like  to submit their links to us, may  please  write to support@sohang.net  and those who want to reproduce this  in  other then  English or  Punjabi language, may do so with the prior consent of organization from admin@sohang.com. The organization  will provide them with  high resolution photos and Holy quotes of Harbani, and obtain permission from devotees to reproduce their work. Please do not forget join us for thanks giving to all the authors of Holy scriptures who inspired us and originators of graphical goodies who helped us polish,  this non-profit  website for the betterment of humankind, and they should feel proud of it. webmasters using this material must provide a link to all end users in  prominent blue  ink via  http://www.sohang.com  and while mentioning the terms of use must provide a clear link to http://www.sohang.com/index.html#Terms 

No image form our galleries, hi-res or thumbnail, may be used in any way other than as wallpaper or desktop image for personal prayer use but not for distribution (commercial or non-profit). You may not post them on public or private websites, whether they be not-for-profit or commercial. You may not distribute them on CD-ROM or other archival media like DVD-ROM, ZIP, floppy, or in compressed archives like zip, gz, or tar files. You may not alter them or use elements from them in your own work 

A sincere Disclaimers: Please enjoy the Divine Darshan (glimpse) of His Holiness Shabad Satguru, May the force be with you. The prayers and the glimpse of the Holy photos shall give you heavenly peace and fortune, but on other hand  disrespect or lousy comments towards the  Supreme Lord  or any of His Prophets and Gurus can pull down the hell upon you and your loved once, so think of the worst at your own risk. The write ups  other  then Harbani are the purely  the opinions of devotees, the quotes belonging  to philosophers and other authors certainly will reflect their inner self, according to individual conception, devotion or state of mind. Organization  does not impose  any binding or ask   to surrender their right to write until they cross the limits of mutual respect. we at  admin@sohang.org always welcome  the logical suggestions  and  willingly love to solve any confusion, aroused out of any   typographical error or may be in future  resulting out of reproduction material from other respective sites, unintentionally as  an add on reference critically for your cross examination. We are surly trying to explore the gaps of friction between  different religions  and  find out the route cause, caused due to some negative attitudes of  hard core  followers. In phase one, We are trying to save those, have a soft corner for the humanity and to be saved. In 2nd phase we shall try for the neutrals who or self centered 

Our site is provided to you ďas  isĒ and neither we, nor the companies which host  or  manage this site for us  give  you  any guarantees or promises in respect of the site  or  its performance or quality of our site, its fitness  for any particular purpose  or  the level of skill and care used by us in making it available to you. Any terms of this nature which may be implied automatically by law are excluded 

Although we try to make sure that  everything on our site is accurate, we canít promise you that it is or take responsibility if it isnít, but you may use our site legally at your own risk, but if you faith in God nothing possibly can go wrong. We canít guarantee  that  everything on our site is free  from viruses or defects or that your use of ore  site wonít cause  any damage to  your computer. itís your responsibility to make sure you have the right equipment to use any web  site and with right software to screen out anything that may damage it. While youíre welcome to visit our site whenever you choose,  none of us can  guarantee that site will always be available or will operate without interruptions, you know well  that some times we got to share the things with the Devil.  we may make changes to the site  or hold it down at any time for up gradation. 

The site is provided ďas isĒ. This means that if you suffer any loss, damage or expense as a result of visiting/using our site (for example, damage to your computer from a virus or financial loss caused by relying on any inaccurate information which is mistakenly included on our site), you will not have any claim against us or anyone who helped us to put together the site, who hosts or manages the site or  contributed to it. None of  these people  will have any legal liability to you  in respect of  any such loss, damage or expense. 

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Please do not forget to sign the guest book to help us to inform you, as and when any new activities, new printed material, new audio-visual  is added  to the site, along with the quarterly and yearly seminars. If you have any serious enquiry please do not hesitate to email us at support@sohang.com . we welcome suggestion as well complaints, pertaining to the betterment of the site,  and if you have any similar right ups to post please email us, we shall try to consider and post it.  

All the prominent words repeatedly used thousand of times in our Harbani, and quoted here are the sole property of the Harbhagat Dwar Organization. we  like to clarify that the most of the words used here are spoken with Punjabi accent so it my differ a bit while uttered by the people from other origin,  and surely when we translated in English. So all such words, along with words sounding similar, as a whole or in parts, should not be claimed by any one or any organization their of. We like to mention few of them here for the information of all :  

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