This is the place where one should take solitude from the weekly hush hush. Hard work of great philosophers not only full fills our quest, but provide us with the extracts of knowledge like ingredients, just ready to blend the cookies we need. Often we waste most of our valuable energy just to find out what should we look for and where to start chopping. Rather than looking something new, the most appropriate is, to find out what's deficit in side us, but our ego never agrees with our conscious, who knows our negative side, that is why, we can never tolerate our criticizer. First of all, it would be better to find a guide who help us to recognize our own self, who we are, where we came from, what was the purpose of this journey. The holy scriptures do expose our negative attitudes, but without hearting our ego. For example pick any verse of saint Kabir or Guru Nanak ji, they had marvelous philosophy of targeting the mass audience by putting himself in the situation and then driving all the criticism and solution to himself and worked as a guide for every religion impartially.

As we all know about the Holy Sikh Scripture “Guru Granth ji ” is composed in the melody style. Where as this Holy Scripture known as “ Harbani ”( the Word of God ) flows like a fountain of poetry, so sweetly with various rhythms and serve as a celestial encyclopedia covering all the Holy authors vested so far on this earth, with an editorial extract to all of their Holy Scriptures, along with the visual scenario of the particular event, and many facts regarding revelations left undisclosed.  So far author of every holy scriptures pen down the situation and the characters involved at the particular time. Sometimes they do explain the past karma related to them and even give a hazy visualization of the future. When being merciful to us they do pray the Lord for us and give us the blessing to be en-cashed in the future, when He arrives Himself.

Here the philosophy is bit different, where the Lord Himself speaks to us by his mouth piece “Son of the Man” and declares “ I am the Alpha and the Omega” ‘ the beginning and the end’. Lord said “This 'Son of Man' is the sum of my hole Creation" and Perfect Man is the expression of the complete thought of the Creator ' The Word of God." This is yours past " He decipherer the invisible token tagged to us word by word, decodes the full picture pixel by pixel and every bit of the audio signal. He summons all the Characters to appear before him, then he enacts the full mono play. Reveals the blessing and curses issued by them and with his mercy rewrites the future. Often all the souls and the holy Gurus are present before him and a step ahead every material (element) is put to life to express his feeling buried inside till date in the drama the sky, earth, flower, stone, river, bones, waste, dust, speaks through him even the formless nouns like event, day, year has "something to say". 

Examine yourself, who has fulfilled all the conditions laid by the Holy Prophecies and claimed
" I'm the Alpha and I'm the Omega"

  Listen to the Divine Voice of " my Lord " and read the Holy Scriptures “ Harbani ”

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