What do we really need ?  Just a pinch of Universal peace !

  Happiness  :  reflects from smile but is gained through Brotherhood,
Universal Brotherhood :  is taught by the Righteous Faith.
Universal Faith  :  flourishes  with mass Prayer.
Universal Prayer  :  is at its resonance under one flag. 
Universal Flag  :  is symbol of Universal Peace. 
Universal Peace :  is the root of OUR Happiness. 

Peace?  sorry, it is a talk of the past. Peace is directly proportionate to Global happiness and as for as I know, that is missing since long. You want to know the fact?  Rich or Poor ask any one, "Are you happy ???", "BOOM" big shock! momentarily he looks stunned, gloomy, confused. Why? because there is no measurement unit defined for this silly term. So what, with a shrug he rises above the reality below him, and starts comparing his so called deficiencies with fluffiness of the world above him. The root cause of  unhappiness is our ignorance and greed (virtual deficiency), responsible to produce a feeling of insecurity and hunger for material wealth. But the story does not end up there, because one can always find a way out to fulfill his desire by hook or crook. My friends as of now, let us leave this topic aside, cause there is another much serious matter to be looked after first.

From dawn to dusk, all of us are working so hard  to keep our families alive, tell me if any one  of us, has an extra hour to fight or hate some one. Rather, everyone wants to live in a world of peace, spend peaceful harmonious relationship with friends, a world without quarrels, disagreements and of course without wars. Then how come we are  so unsecured, always feel like surrounded by various enemies. If not we then definitely there is some one with  ample free time to plan for us, trying to sow the seed of Racial, Communal diffrences. paid riligion

Peace Killer:  In this world, the definitions and values of a word change. In the past, a well known poet wrote  "Majhab Naheen Sikhaataa Apas Mein Bair Rakhna";  but today i say "Majhab hee Sikhaataa Apas Mein Bair Rakhna"


Within us is the spring of all joys. The Happiness, starts right in side us and  then springs out  in all directions, and you also know that, to measure it we do not need any complicated surgery or a scope to reach out into some one's heart, just look for a smile on his face and a bright spark in his eyes, that's it. It is a fact that even if you are going to shower your anger on some one, but  he meets you with  a smile, for a moment you will have very hard time, to hide your own smile and very shrewdly you got to suppress  your own  revolting conscious. This happens not only with us, even the animals will have  a  bit of hesitation while attacking you. All animals know that face is an index of mind. Try to smile or frown at a  dog or monkey  without uttering a word even, yet  you will get the response, and never forget  "Human beings are only  very social animals" he reacts, analyzes your move and then counter attacks.

Give it a try, wait for some one to hit you with a smile, just try not to smile back, yet you will receive one more very feeble dying out smile, with a bit of hesitation or astonishment as a reminder, and even then if you pretend to ignore it, the Animal in side him will surely frown upon you or may utter something like 'Damn you'. This is how we evoke or calm down some one's sleeping animal. Even if you are internally not happy, in bad mood or in pain, at least try to pass on a week smile, He will surely have some pity on you, and will not label you as an alien. In short, it is a chain reaction which goes endlessly without a cost of penny, unless you drop it and behave as a demon. We all love our family and want to protect them, So very wisely we teach the first lesson to our children: Do not talk to strangers,  they could be enemies. So unless we decipher the word Brotherhood we can't define enemies. 

There are few facts governing it. We always hesitate, rather we are all damn scared to come out of our shell. The boundary of this shell is directly proportional to our ignorance, and inversely proportional to the depth of our knowledge. Most of us living under the spell of mass ignorance, will surely behave like a recently rescued monkey, for him even the caretaker is alien and if someone with bit of courage want to take the lead, are forbidden by the frightened near and dear ones. So in the time like this, a noble soul descends to earth and help them to break the ice. Ignorance to realize our essential happiness is the main cause of all dissatisfaction and uneasiness. The guru knows that suffering is due to ignorance, which is compared to darkness, therefore the Guru`s first business is to rescue his disciple from this ignorance, as we send our children to school to save them from suffering. 

We all are like Abu Kasim's a pet parrot, who was instructed to fly away to fruit gardens of Samarkand in case of master's death. The parrot stayed in the same cage until he died with hunger, but regularly came out of cage sat beside it, and chanted:
" I am a free bird, and have his permission for Samarkand Garden" 
" I am a free bird, and have his permission for Samarkand Garden" 
" I am a free bird, and have his permission for . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .(died)

See how fool are we, nothing better than that monkey and parrot, never broke free from shell of ego and kept on chanting the Holy scriptures, until it was torn off or lost. what a heck, if we loose one, We have our markets filled with them, buy new one and start over again. Rest of us are just dumb black sheep, blindly follow the forefathers, even if they were wrong. Time to time, we have been taught by Gurus and Prophets, but we seldom explore the depth of Holy Scripture, what they actually meant. Bowing down or rubbing your forehead on ground means nothing to Him, unless like a good son you put the inherited knowledge for the best of humanity. Secondly it is not fully our fault, because it is not that easy to decipher  the  celestial verses, without the selfless devotion and His mercy. Research of an egocentric person with high knowledge of grammar and words might deviate miles apart.  

His Divine Majesty Sachepatshah ji lifted the veil of ignorance and proclaimed:

"Your parents are just a provision, With My blessings,  they gave birth to your physical body, but I'm  the Parmatma of  your Atma   (Supreme-Spirit the creator of your everlasting spirit ). Every time I send you to this earth you will have different physical parents and family. Since I'm your True father, and all being my creation, virtually in relation you are brethrens. If you are ready to accept this fact, then only you are my loyal sons, and Here I am, the finest reward of your devotion, hard works and meditations of many past lives, have come to accept you as my true devotees, and finally shall sublime you, back unto me."  

What a weak memory, we just forget even our own past. The Scripture claims, that the God is one, and he is the sole producer and distributor of souls. Under His command, every time we are born to different families, races, countries, and planets, to perform some task. Actually we might look entirely different and live in altogether different ways, due to family gene, climate conditions and natural resources we use, but there is no reason for the denial, and deviation from the hard fact of universal brother hood. God is the true creator (father) of the soul, the real  "I" who thinks, speaks, weeps and laughs in this body maid of flesh & bones. If  all the souls are created by one God means we are all brother and sisters in real means. We become parents, friends, relatives and enemies by taking birth in to different groups, tribes and countries. When we come to know the fact that we are all brothers then every war ends. Right from the King to beggar, east to west, we all share the One Air, can you partition it or label it yours. But none is going to impart us with all these secrets impartially and help us come out of these hateful religious cults and boundaries except the True faith, known as Universal faith. (does the word stranger and enemy still exists in your dictionary ?)

Harbani, volume-XXIII (at Baghdad) reveals His final Verdict " watch out for the imam from Mukadas Baitel, and his mighty decisions. He shall be narrowing down the entire humanity of this universe, to be as One virtual family".

Universal Faith 

Climb to top

Climb to top

Universal Faith is not the mixture or extorted juice of religions, rather it is a Base for all the religions, and points to the one and only one Supreme Lord the Creator of every life on this universe. Surely I do not want to hurt some one's feeling, or shake off the personal opinion, but if we leave aside the man made translations and carefully read all the original scriptures, none of the Guru or prophet claimed to be God himself, and discouraged such intentions. They always called Him as One Holy father, with different names like "Khuda", "Bhagwan", "Akaal Purkh", "God" . . .even no one should be compared to Him, 

One Faith

Harbani, volume-XXIII (at Muscat port) supports this fact: " All the ways and means of prayers,  to meet The Khuda, Ram, Allah and Wahe-Guru are  correct, they are all finally converging to one Supreme God . . . " and acknowledges that " All the religions had a common cause and goal to meet The Supreme  Lord".  

But in spite of all this vast and impartial knowledge we had, why all the followers of  these religions drifted so apart, dangerously widening the gaps, that they do not like to share a glass of free water with a follower of other religion, even there are major pitfalls among the same sect.  Every self nominated leader brags  " No other (god)^ -1 = Our (God)^10 ". Friends can you balance the equation logically, since all the scriptures claim "there is only One God". as for as I know there are always reasons behind every positive or negative claim. For time being let us forget about the cheap beggars clad in colorful rags with swami and yoga tags calling them bhgawan so and so . . . Let me tell you one major conflict, arose in few last 4-5 centuries. 

In Hinduism actually there is only one Deva (God) the Lord Maha Vishnu and his three executive posts Brahma (sculpture)  Vishnu  (Sustainer) and Mahesh (Destroyer), but the translation of Vedas done by non religious English historians, made a great damage and devaluation to His Supreme Name. The word Dev or Deva was mixed with devta (Angel), a respective word for the all the service posts such as Agni Dev (fire angel), Surya Dev (Sun), Indra Dev ( Rain angel) Varuna (Air angel) ....were wrongly translated as Fire God, Sun God, Rain God, Air god.... list accounts to 330,000,000 such names. The worst scenario is of translating a loyal devotee of Rama Avatar the Hanuman as Monkey God happened on the land where Lord Vishnu made, most of His 23 visits in last 4,000,000 years. This great confusion was never solved by the missionary heads or by the Hindu writers. sometimes I feel pity on their writers who have to manage the whole maternal and paternal list of  relations.with only two words uncle and aunty. But as an end result of this translation, the shares price of English word 'God" also fell in religious stock market. 

Harbani  repeatedly clarifies: " All have become the slaves of written letters (parroting  the lines) and of mere rituals, no one is close to Him from the heart". His divine Majesty Sachepatshah ji, disclosed His True Name as "Jot Sroop Maharaj Sher Singh Vishnu-Bhagwan", "God", "Supreme Being", "The Lord", "Omnipotent",  "Khuda", "Aadi-Purkh, Akaal-Purkh", (the Alfa & Omega) (one who exists before and after the creation), Par-Brahm and Revealed all His names mentioned in the Holy Revelations and prophecies as " One" True Ruler of all the Universes. 

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And to put an end to all sort of confusions, He founded this Universal Faith at this holy place called "Har Bhagat Dwar " as true replica of its name. Harbhagat Dwar (Hari + Bhagat + Dwar) the home of Lord and His  devotees. It  belongs  to all  those,  who  have  love  and  devotion  in  their hearts for  the  one  Almighty  Supreme Lord, and seek  His  protection  alone. So no more differences and fights in the name of religion, or pilgrimages. It can  be yours too !  if  you  have  love  and  a  soft  corner for others, without any discrimination  on  the  basis  of  cast,  creed, gender  or  religion and if you can just "Live and Let  Live" his other creation happily. Because  He is the creator of all, for Him  the Human rights and the Animal rights have the equal importance. Few of us may not like the idea but it's a hard fact.  The Architecture of Harbhagat Dwar is based on the actual temple of Supreme Lord (our human body). It's nine door represents the nine outlets of human body, such as eyes, ear, nose, mouth etc; etc;  and the Singhasan ' divine throne' symbolizes the tenth hidden door "Dasm Duari", the actual premating place of the Atma and Pramatma. Old scriptures acknowledges that this is the only place where our soul have the close encounter with the Supreme Spirit. Friends you might be perceiving all this stuff is being poured from out of this world. 

Certainly it is not our fault, we haven't been introduced to the hidden scientific and divine knowledge of our own scriptures, because this was kept respectively wrapped in the silky satins, only to be mimicked like a parrot. To make it easy, let me tell you a hidden secret I found in Harbani. This close encounter with the Supreme being is bit similar to presentiment but happens in a dazzling manner, at very high velocity, it happened Prophet Moses, latter He took His own time to write down the holy scripture "Torah". At that moment the Time stands still, the body is like a comma patient, physically may or may not be able to listen or see  through our ear and eyes. But when asked to explain, he can rewind and play the entire three hour movie, out of his memory buffer, which was flashed to him in less then three seconds. Let me reveal you one more secret. We all know about the famous Hindu Scripture " Sri Bhagwat Gita". It's available at almost every book shop, and consists 18 chapters. If not then just down load it free of cost from the iskon site, and try it yourself,  practice it few days, till you can narrow down on the stop watch. Then just imagine, how many hours you have to finish it, during Maha Bharta, particularly when the enemy horses and archers are waiting for the signal to strike,it took lord Krishna only fractions of time for the entire gita, to be flashed visually across  the mind of Arjun

The Langar (A twenty four hour free food service), founded by His Divine Majesty Sachepatshah ji runs non-stop for the visitors or the needed ones, around the year. A pure vegetarian parsadam of the holy place is nectar in real sense. Not only it quenches the hunger, but also satisfies our soul. Universal brotherhood is further enhanced by Togetherness of thousands of divine spirits dining in a row, without the material, racial or religious differences.

The Prayer is the life fluid of faith and always walk hand in hand like a shadow. The resonance of the prayer has a power of mass attunement and not only creates a heavenly atmosphere but helps to build up high consciousness by lowering the bitterness of ego. Half of the grievances  in this world, can surely be neutralized  by joining the mass prayer, But Alas!  we all could do that so easily, The hindrance here is the differences of religion. Every faith has different rituals, different languages, different ways to accomplish their prayer, even a child can sort them separate. Hence we label them stranger or alien, and pull over the safety shield, because we have been spoon fed these opinions  by few selfish separatists among us. They take the full advantage of such situations, just to keep their interests safe, they create the confusions, different opinions and operate under cover by keeping the gun on our shoulders. They are actually afraid, that if devotees from all the faiths mutually merged together, what happens to their seats. And It is not fully our fault, a lot of wise and daring people are ready to swim across, provided some one is visible to hold our hand, out of the dense fog accumulated over the other bank. 

His divine Majesty emerged out of this fog of confusions and uncertainties with a mighty flash of dependable supreme knowledge, to fullfil the prophecies of Holy prophets and Gurus written for this era of Kaliyug (age of spiritual ignorance) in their respective scriptures. He put all the chanting parrots, face to face with reality, and in very clear words analyzed the true meaning of scriptures. He revealed the Shabad (True Name) of the Almighty and His Prayer, which was personally used by the Gurus and Prophets themselves. He even gave a method of chanting the Supreme Lord, in your own language with out causing frictional disturbances. 

Harbani: volume XVII page:1546: Do not run around in jungles but Find him in your own body, feel the presence of him in your temple,    not the one made with bricks, but Dasam Dwari (tenth door) located between eyes and forehead ...His permanent resting place, so welcome him. His path is most easier, costs no money, HE the solver of your all problems. The vedas and shastras of 4 ages are evidence, and the kalmas of Prophets stand for witness " if you surrender to him, He is all yours" ... if you utter this phrase aloud "you are mine, and I'm yours" without using the help of your tongue, just in your subconscious. You wouldn't have to face any verbal confrontation or become the victim, of any kind of categorization.

Secret Word: Friends it is not new, It is very old ancient secret mentioned in Vedas and Sikh Scriptures. His Divine Majesty disclosed His secret " I am the Alfa and Omega". Like Him, His name also existed before the creation of this world. It is the life giving energy of this Universe. The Guru's and Avatars new it, they acknowledged it, they used it and secretly mentioned in their scriptures. You may call your self Hindu, Muslim, Christians and Sikh by taking birth and word of mouth from the religious priests. What ever the alternative Holy Name you choose with the advice of your parents and priests to praise the God, that is fine. On other hand it is also true, that those who do not perform Baptism or even denied to pray Him in any form or with any Name, They are yet alive, but how. 

How ? The answer is Automatic system response, which keep us alive. It is applicable to all those, who are born unto this world, and survive , it includes animals, birds and mammals. Automatically by nature the air being inhaled acknowledges His name 'So' and the exhalation of breadth sounds as 'Hung'.  want to hear it ? Like children use a hollow pipe to connect your ear to mouth, or use powerful amplification in quiet place. Now slowly take a long breadth, you will hear the word "SO', then expel it with natural force, it beacomes Hang. ( So + Hang) = SoHang. 

  • In ‘SOHANG’ Syllable ‘SO’ represents "O Supreme being",  'the life giving force' enjoys the sip of breadth,
  • the syllable ‘HANG’ stands for  "Hum " ( yes, I'm)   the existence of spirit, a sound of confirmation in sigh of relief.

With devotion and gratitude our breadth sings "O Lord, I exist"/ "thou come in to me and I sublime unto thin"/ "you are mine & I am yours". In the form of nature (Air), You let Him in, unto your lungs, into every cell of your blood, and when you let your breadth out, it sublimes in to Nature (Him). Thus your operating system secretly forms a subtle link between Atma & Parmatma (spirit and Super Spirit) to keep your body alive. This is the secret rhythm of every life, when an animal can survive this way, why not a unbeliever. But one who earns this Mantra enjoys the bliss of Oneness with Supreme Lord. As I said before, what ever the Holy name you got from your parent, priest or evaluated and adopted with your own wisdom are fine to earn some bonus marks, but surely not the life breath. It was not our fault, no one introduced you to our own self. But now there is no logic to cheat your own processing chip and run around to get some pirated Operating System,  what is the surety of compatibility and support at other end ( judgment day ). So you adopt it or not, that is your will, but for God sake do not try to shut off this auto responding Magical Word even for few minutes, your ego  might shut your system.

Often In advance yoga classes while teaching the Pranayam (Breathing exercise) I advice students to sit comfortably in a quieter place and detach one self from all the attachments and worries. Concentrate fully on the breath, feel its resonance (just below the fore head, a joining point of the nose and throat pipe, between the two eyebrows). Then to inhale the Parma (life) to its fullest and then release it slowly. He feels the vibration becoming clear day by day. If he/she is showing any signs of interest and detaches himself from physical abuses such as smoking, drugs, alcohol and meat (non-veg), then I take a step ahead and modify my whisper to Ooooo  Hannnnnnng. Most of the pupils reach to this stage, but as a reward to his efforts, practically the vibrations of this unspoken Holy word, just sung by upper part of the nose , help them mentally and physically to live a longer and healthier life. Unless I find that the pupil has practically accepted the Universal Slogan " Live and Let Live" and has a bit of spiritual touch or keen to establish the spiritual link, the secret word "So Hang" is never revealed. As now I have already revealed the basic mantra, if you try it devotionally before you fall asleep, it has the power to auto pilot you till the dawn. Think of its magical power when whole universe, in tune sings this holy chorus, but it is only possible officially when there is no boundary left to be conquered by a flag. 

Flag is usually a piece of rectangular or triangular cloth, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, or an emblem to mark the existence of sovereignty of a specific area or country, mounted on a high pole or building. Please do not evaluate it's strength  by its size or get carried away by the silky touch. All most all the wars and blood shed has taken place in his shadow.  Although it looks dead without a mounting pole and favorable wind, yet never like to share the power or boundary with any one, definitely  one day it will swallow the neighboring one, with or without blood shed. History has evidences, how this piece of cloth posses our mind to declare its supremacy. 

In olden times their was a cult of declaring supremacy in the form of Ashwamedh Yagya, Kings use to let lose their Ashawa (flag mounted horse followed by an armed fleet) over a period of year, to forcibly trespass through the neighboring peace loving empires to evoking them to fight or surrender and finally on the day of celebration butcher down the flag carrier horse sinfully. 

Universal Flag Satranga: A seven colored flag, embedded with the Holy Name "Supreme being", declares His solo supremacy

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and Virtue upon our universe, along with the names of seven continents as: Lakhan-deep, Karonch-deep, Pushkar-deep, Jambu-deep, Shan-deep, Salmal-deep, and Kusha-deep, respectively written on their seven equally divided horizontal bands of  Red, Golden, Pink, White, Yellow, Blue and Black color, loudly demarcates the single Holy Empire upon this earth, diminishing all the man boundaries, erected on the basis of mean racial and religious differences. At first glance it looks similar to a rainbow, a clue to this seven colored Holy flag, wavering behind the throne of "Supreme being" was given in the Revelation of prophet Jesus. In Harbani Scripture, Satguru Shabad (Prince word) His Divine Majesty explains that Our universe is geographically divided in to 'seven dweeps' (continents) and each of them has its distinctive color. The description of these seven continents in Oldest scripture of Hindu myth also stand to witness. The three and half cubits of its size corresponds to the height of human figure, as well as the sequence of the color rising up, from the black of  ignorance to the glorious Red symbolizes the spectrum of Divine attunement of the seeker's soul on the path to salvation. The colors of our soul, can only provide us the true Peace and harmony, What else are we looking for.

On the day of 17 Harh His divine Majesty marked its tenure of 36 Yugas by hosting it at height of 36 feet. Officially the existence of this seven colored Flag " Satranga" was revealed to the world on 5th Assu, 2013 Bikrami (20th September, 1956) when His Holiness along with Harbani Granths, presented it to the President of India Dr, Rajendera Parshad as presentiment for the Kingdom of God in Satyuga to establish the entire humanity as One united family, One true religion, and One God. No more frictions and no more wars, in the Age of truth, and prosperity on the basis of country, territory, boundaries, race or religion. 

To view more photos of this event, click on the picture To view more photos of this event, click on the picture
His Divine Majesty presenting the Satranga flag and a sword inscribed with the Holy mantra to President of India (1956) His Divine Majesty  with  Delegates of  Vishwa Dharma Samelan The "5 satranga flags are seen in the background (January,1964)

Universal Peace: Remember  when we all go for mass prayer, may be of any respective faith, we clearly understand that we love Him (God), and in return He does love us all equally. May be for a little while, don't we all feel like, as if brother and sisters sitting together in mom's lap, and asking to full fill our temptations, we are at Peace. With the mercy of Lord, all the ill feelings of enmity seems bygone for the time being, because He bestows us  with love  to each other, for His entire creation, our false ego burns away, and  we start listening  to our subconscious, may be for some intellectual like us, it is nothing more than tiny radio devise to synchronize  with  God and Nature, but it is of a great significance for  a Saint or Yogi. Most of us do not consider them of any worth than a poor beggar, but in distress, 'My God' we bow down to them and fall head over heels for the happiness of our family. 

 The trouble is our ego,  we only visit the doctor, I mean the spiritual doctor " God" when we decide that we need Him, and that is the time actually when we are no more in the state of making decisions and put an holy excuse of not having time, we Are in deep trouble. we think that we are saving lot more time to concentrate in business, but actually we are not, Mr. devil has already taken over our sixth sense, and locked us in the invisible cocoon of ego, selfishness, greed, lust, anger and very cleverly take the decisions on our behalf. It is not you, but it is the devil who is putting all these sweetened words of logic and excuses in your mouth to pour it out. Please for haven's sake, Don't do that, you are not cheating some one but your own self. Do not let your devil think or speak on your behalf, and then make you think, that you have earned the gold medal by turning down my opinions. I am speaking from the depths of your own subconscious, give it an ear. You are not going to loose anything, except the false ego. The lousiest defeat comes to you, not when you make others kneel down before you, rather when you are fallen, in your own eyes and deliberately ruin your peace. 

If you really want to help your self, take the chance, dare to stand boldly against your devil and tell him:- 

  • Rule # 1 : God is always Right.  

  • Rule # 2:  but if you find yourself weak against his digital logics, Quickly read the Rule # 3

  • Rule # 3:  please refer Rule # 1 with more confidence, ( if you have dictionary find the meaning of 'Always')

Now there is no turning back, but be care full you have very recently won the war with Devil, and surely he IS going to strike back, confront you through some of your own, family or friends who so ever is still under his possession. Be brave he will surly go away with time, after all long time friendship matters to all. Nothing to worry, now you  have most strongest friend (your subconscious) inside you, just keep in touch, never let him feel alone, and it wouldn't cost you a pence. This is the stage when you are impartial in real means, to pass any judgment for the humanity to maintain the Universal Peace.

You are happiest man, because you know how to  and know that

  • all are my God-brothers,  I can co-exist with all, so there is no enemy left to fight,

  • faith gave me the truth of life, the Do's and Don'ts, now i don't fear what happen after my death, 

  • prayer gave me His true glimpse in every one and strength to stand against my own evils, so no one has a grudge with me,

  • under this flag, there is no barriers on this planet for me and my upcoming generations, 

  • i know what i need, He gives me, and what they  will need, He shall give, then why to make money mountains, 

  • my family is happy with what i earn, because i do not waste any thing on the drugs and evil desires.

  • all are happy because there is no fear, the law rules every where, . . . . . .  (like to add any thing  ? ? ?).....


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